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OK, this has created a bit more disscussion than I thought it would, and it seems 
obvious that there is, at least, a little bit of interest in having AT-L patches made. 
Anyway, first to clear up a few things that seemed to cause a bit of confusion. I 
mentioned the Gathering and 97 thru-hikers only as examples, I was meaning for the 
patches to go to anyone on the list who wanted one. Sorry if I confused anyone.
So I guess what comes next is to organize this project. What I am about to say are all 
just suggestions, and I gladly welcome any input anyone else might have, hey, I have 
never done this before and really have no idea what I am doing so I can use all the help 
I can get! First of all we need a design. I think anyone that wants to should come up 
with a design and let us all vote on which one we want. Somebody mentioned letting us 
use some of their web space for this, and I think that would be the best answer (sorry, 
I can't remember who this was, and the email message is on my other computer which is 
currently giving me fits). Everyone could send their votes to someones email address (we 
could use mine or if someone else wanted to take care of this we could use theirs) I 
personally think it would be best to not send the votes to the list as it might get a 
bit confusing, or they might just simply get lost in all the other stuff coming thru the 
list. After we picked a design we would need to figure out exactly hom many patches we 
need to have made so we can figure up the cost, and after letting everyone know what the 
cost was, place the order. A newsgroup I was on had t-shirts printed up,  and handeled 
it by having the t-shirts made as the orders and checks came in. We could either do it 
this way or, if the cost wasn't to extreme, I could pay for them in advance and just 
have everyone pay me back for them after they were made (of course if anyone else would 
like to handle this part I would gladly turn it over to them, I don't tend to keep to 
good of records and would hate to think I might screw this part up).
Anymay, that's about it, what does everyone else think?

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)
p.s. I like the idea of the ribons as well, especially for everyone who is going to the 
Gathering as I don't think we could get the patches made by then. I personally would 
like to do the patches though as I think they would hold up a bit better than the 
ribbons on the trail, which is where I hope to meet most of you!