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Re: [AT-L] patches

>Anymay, that's about it, what does everyone else think?
>E. George Oeser (aka Needles)
>p.s. I like the idea of the ribons as well, especially for everyone who is
going to the 
>Gathering as I don't think we could get the patches made by then. I
personally would 
>like to do the patches though as I think they would hold up a bit better
than the 
>ribbons on the trail, which is where I hope to meet most of you!
What a crock of shit!  No person needs ribbons or patches to tell where they
have been, where they are going, etc. etc.  

Who do you need them for?  You do know who you are, don't you? 
Sometimes at places that I would as soon forget, I see people with patches,
people with signs, people with letters.  What their insignia signifies, what
their signs conotate, how their letters speak to a problem, I don't care.

Let us all walk the trails as we would have others walk them.  In peace.