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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Help me pack for my first longish solo trip

Thanks Kahlena,

At 11:59 AM 9/19/96 PDT, kahlena <kahley7@prolog.net> wrote:
>>    26      y       1       10   Tevas + fleece socksForget the
Teva's...in summer I use aqua mocs.....'rubber'soles/nylon uppers 
>(great for crossing streams and camp shoes {dual purpose}wt. depends on
size but I'd 
>guess<3/4 lb. Or fuzzy feet....kind of a bedroom slipper....soft vynl
soles/quilted poly 
>uppers/lined with fleece (study enough for camp shoes/toasty with socks/great
>in the sleeping bag if you get cold toes...plus you don't have to wake up
enough to
>find your shoes to answer nature...have to wipe them if it's wet out though....
>you'll probably be awake by then anyway. [Warning very slippery soles...I
put some of 
>those anti-slip bathtub stick-ons on my soles] Weight 2-3 oz. 
>You could take both of these for 1/2 the weight of the Tevas.

Sounds good.  My problem is that most closed toe shoes are extremely
uncomfortable for me (they are too tight in the toe area).  I've gone
through more footwear than even I can imagine! :-(  Anyway, the fleece
sock/teva combo is reasonably comfortable, has a little bit of arch support
(which my feet like), is warm, is weather resistant, and lets my feet air.

>>   0.5      y               1    surveyors tapeCan you tell me what this
is? Just curious.

Surveyors tape is the bright orange stuff you sometimes see tied around
trees.  I carry a little bit in case I have to mark something.

-- Jim Mayer