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RE: running shoes / gaiters

Bob wrote:

>How do you keep the trail debris - stones, sticks, thorns, and ticks, 
>and beetles out of your running shoes?

you know, i've never been bothered by debris in my shoes.  sure, some stuff
gets in there, and i usually explode in a cloud of dust and pine cone bits
and twigs when i take my shoes off, but it's never interfered with my
comfort.  therefore, it's not worth the hassle (or extra ounces!) to me.  i
only use gaiters to keep out the wet.

many hikers love the 3" nylon OR ankle gaiters.  they have elastic tops and
bottoms, and really don't require the cord running under the shoe - just
attach to the top of the laces, and they sit perfectly well in place.

ke kaahawe


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