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Sleeping pads

Re. Steve's original post about sleeping pads.

I also have a ridgerest and an ulralite thermarest (as well as standard and
camprest thermarests).  I had gotten the ridgerest to reduce weight and
carried it exclusively for about three years.  It is light, and strapped to
the outside of the pack, is quickly availble for lunch and rest stops.  I
will usually take it if I know that I will be using the tent in areas that
are not too rocky or full of roots.  I got the ultralight thermarest
primarily for occasions when I knew that I would be sleeping on platforms
or in shelters.  It is far superior to the ridgerest in those cases, and my
quality of comfort and sleep is considerably better.  I always carry the
thermarest in a stuff sack inside my pack, but my hiking partner carries
his in a sack on the outside.  Neither of us has had any problem with