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Re: [AT-L] indiana.edu


        I'll be back in Bloomington around the middle of October and would
love to meet some of y'all back at the old haunts.  Email me privately if
anyone else is interested!

        Sterling Hart, '92 IU Grad

At 11:54 PM 9/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> At 10:40 PM 9/10/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> >I have noticed many indiana.edu e-mail adresses on the list. I assume
>> >most of you are around B'ton. If so, how would you like to get together
>> >for coffee and trail talk? E-me if interested. It'd be nice to have an AT
>> >group in the area.
>> >Felix
>> Gee, wish I could be there!  Have sloshed down many a coffee and other
>> assorted liquid refreshments during my stay at IU.  Beautiful campus - have
>> often thought of returning there.  If and when I get back, I will have to
>> look your new group up!
>> Mark
>> IU Grad (1972 - B.A. German)
>Do you use that German degree much in Troutdale, VA?:-)  A lot of IU students 
>stay here when done with school. Let me know if youre ever headed this way and 
>we can hit Nick's, Irish Lion, Janko's, etc. You're in a pretty good place
>ownself. Rhodi Gap and Massey Gap and Thomas Knob are all incredible.