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RE: Snakes, et.al.

> I read a story (fiction, I think) about a cowboy sleeping on the range who
> awoke to see the tail of a huge rattlesnake sticking out of the top of his
> blanket.  He didn't dare startle the snake, so he laid there quietly until
> the sun made the bedding so hot that the snake couldn't stand it and
> crawled out.
> Everybody shake a snake, glory halleluyah!
> Love one another or the snake'll sock it to ya.
> They're weeding out the hypocrites, the heathens and the fakes;
> Say, you might fool your brother but you don't fool a snake!
> -- Pinkard and Bowden, _Writers in Disguise_ album.

A friend who thru-hiked the AT last year was hiking in Hoosier Nat'l Forest
when he came upon a small church secluded in the woods.  He needed some
water, so walked around the church looking for a source.  He raised a
sheet-metal cover, thinking it was a cistern, but it was a pit full of

--     Frank     reid@indiana.edu