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Re: [AT-L] RE: Snakes, et.al.

Frank Reid wrote:
> > I read a story (fiction, I think) about a cowboy sleeping on the range who
> > awoke to see the tail of a huge rattlesnake sticking out of the top of his
> > blanket.  He didn't dare startle the snake, so he laid there quietly until
> > the sun made the bedding so hot that the snake couldn't stand it and
> > crawled out.
> >
> >
> > Everybody shake a snake, glory halleluyah!
> > Love one another or the snake'll sock it to ya.
> > They're weeding out the hypocrites, the heathens and the fakes;
> > Say, you might fool your brother but you don't fool a snake!
> > -- Pinkard and Bowden, _Writers in Disguise_ album.
> A friend who thru-hiked the AT last year was hiking in Hoosier Nat'l Forest
> when he came upon a small church secluded in the woods.  He needed some
> water, so walked around the church looking for a source.  He raised a
> sheet-metal cover, thinking it was a cistern, but it was a pit full of
> copperheads!
> --     Frank     reid@indiana.edu


None of this is helping :-) or :-(   Just think how many hiking hours I'm 
going to loose waiting for my sleeping bag to get warm enough for those 
imaginary snakes to start crawling out. And boy, what do I do when they