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Forget Kraft, go with Lipton

Hello all,
I have been reading with amusement this discussion on Kraft dinners.  And 
I thought I would throw in my two cents worth.  I have cooked both the 
Kraft dinners and the Lipton Noddles/Pasta/Rice and Sauce and I would 
have to say that the Lipton's are much easier to cook.  All you have to 
do is boil the amount of water indicated on the bag (they also come in 
easy to pack bags) throw in the contents of the bag, let it come back to 
a boil, put a tight fitting lid on the pot, and turn off the stove.  
After waiting about five or so minutes, the dinner is ready.  It's 
relatively fast and easy.  I am sure other people on this list have used 
these also.  They are also easy to find in a local grocery and come in a 
variety of "delicious" flavors.  And no I don't work for Lipton. ;)  Oh 
well, for what it's worth.