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Re: [AT-L] Lotsa Questions

Thank you for the congratulations.  I can't wait for others to finish to hear
from them.

Here are my answers to your questions (no necessarily the correct answers, of
1.  No, I didn't see any megasuppliments on the trail.  We all pretty much
ate the same things (Lipton noodles and oatmeal).
2.  A couple of people wore tennis shoes, and that was my original plan, but
I changed my mind and found boots lasted much longer (I hiked a few times in
sneakers and they fell apart) and gave me much better support.  My Vasque New
Briars made it to Katahdin.
3.  Yes, your feet will grow.  My grew a 1/2 size.
4.  I carried a filter at filter, but most of us ditched our filters in the
end in favor of iodine. 
5.  Some carried bivies, but they were like sleeping in a coffin.  You can
"live" in a tent and pull your gear in with you.  
6.  A down bag is great.  I didn't think it was hard to keep my bag dry.  And
you can always go by a laundry mat.  One bag I liked on the trail was a 45*
bag from Campmor (down) that was very lightweight.  You will need a warmer
one to start with, though.
7.  In the beginning, Gortex pants doubled to give warmth, but later scratch
the pants and just wear shorts.  So what if they get wet?
8.  I saw a lot of Gregory packs...also Danas.  I had a tiny Osprey (day and
a 1/2)
9.  I would say 90% had white gas MSR's. (cooking stove)
10.  There were a fair amount of poles on the trail this year.  I had Lekis
and loved them.  I got tendonitis the one time I hiked without mine.  Builds
up your arms, too.
11.  I didn't see any computers (except Downloads).
12.  Duck call?  A definite must!  (Don't ask me why, though)