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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Sweetwater Guardian vs. Pur Hiker

>I have had a Katadyn for several years now (I think I paid under 150 for 
>it, that's what a new element now costs).  I am still on my original 
>element, with moderate annual usage (20 days total, more or less).  I 
>have only scrubbed it with their brush once, and found it was too 
>abrasive to just remove the surface silt.  I just use a finger 
>(toothbrush at home) to wipe the element clean every few days.

>Most folks don't realize the amount of silt in Appalachian spring water. 
> Even pumping from a pot or cup (as I usually do), or direct from a water 
>source with the siphon hose supported in clear water, the filter will 
>still silt up.

>At least the Katadyn is easily field-cleaned in this situation.

  When I was hiking the AT I used (and continue to use) a Katadyn filter.
I am still on my orginal element, which I scraped with the maintenance
brush twice.  Pumps like a charm still.  When pumping from very silty 
areas, I carry a small toothbrush which I use to scrub off the filter,
as oppposed to scraping the filter.  Viola, you're back in business.
A friend who started hiking the AT in 93 and just finished this summer
finally replaced her filter this summer.  Generally, the only parts that
need to be replaced in the field are the rubber O gaskets, one of which
is on the pumping stem.  Calling the company usually gets a set, sometimes
for free.  I've replaced my stem O ring twice.

  Yes, Katadyn filters are expensive, and they can be somewhat awkward to
use.  They are also somewhat heavy.  But they are very easy to maintain in
the field, and are rugged.  You generally have to drop the ceramic filter
on a rock, or let the filter freeze for it to go bad.  I've been very
pleased with mine so far.