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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Lotsa Questions

> before putting it into my pack, just in case.  I've decided the Feathered
> Friends Swallow bag is the one for me -- it's 700+ fill, rated 20F, 5-1/2"
> loft, weighs ( GET THIS!!)  *1lb 15oz*!, has no side block baffle for
> redistribution, and is roomier in the hip and foot area.  The Dryloft
> version is $335 (the only downside, but for the quality is worth it -- rave
> reviews in Backpacker Mag.) and the Nylon shell version is $245, which ( I
> think...) not too bad for what you're getting.

I've got a Swallow, in Gore-Tex (would not do down bag without it).  
Fantastic bag, still very comfortable around 30 (rated at 20, I think).  
I have a FF Swift (0 degree) for winter, and about 40 degree forcasted 
lows is my changeover point.  This gives me a little margin of error.

I tend to sleep cold, but think the Swallow would be fine for a thu hike 
all the way, but you would probably end up wearing your long handles and 
woolies in the sack on the front end of the trip.

If the computer monster would ever allow me a thru-hike, I would carry 
the Swift until about mid-April, then swap out for the Swallow.