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Fwd: Re: [AT-L] Trail's End (Gutsy's Journal)

	Wow! What a trip.  I must say, I am going to miss the updates from 
your trail trip.  I love hiking, and have been hiking with you all the way 
(in my heart, if not in fact).  You have been a true joy.  My wife says 
that you and the Kushmans and Waldo have become like new family members.  
Whenever I'm talking to co-workers about hiking, one of this year's trail 
members comes up.  It's almost like I was right there with you.

	I know the trip was hard on your body.  My prayers have been with you 
to recover from your illness.  I look forward to the day when I can make 
that spring trip to Georgia and return six or so months later from Maine.  
Until then, I will continue to hike on the internet with all those who are 
willing to share the joy (and pain) of the trip.
Wayne Brown

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>August 29, Thursday
>   Well, it's over.  Five months of following the white blazes is done.