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Re: Electronics on the AT

I think that I have to side with Jim on this one. I am a "techie" myself,
and I find that I have this intense love-hate relationship with technology.
I like working in high-tech because the field is very dynamic with things
becoming obsolete and being replaced by the next whiz-bang literally
overnight, which makes things very interesting. However, I tend to dislike
technology itself. I don't have furniture, a TV, stereo, nintendo, cell
phone, etc. etc. because these things don't interest me.

I large part of the reason why I go hiking is for the simplicity of it,
and the last thing I want to see is people with a bunch of techno-gadgets.
If you really want to bring these things along, fine, but please realize
that not everyone you meet on the trail will appreciate it, and as Jim
wrote, think about whether bringing that laptop will diminish your trail
experience as well.

Mark Tabb