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Re: Electronics on the AT

In a message dated 96-09-06 00:24:05 EDT, you write:

<< I'm sure that if an avid photographer was cleaning, reloading and, in all
 photo-esque, creating a late night ruckus, it wouldn't be appreciated any
 than another disturbance, but it doesn't seem to create the "techno-freak" 
 level of hostility that has been noted from time to time.
 Do hikers respect the desire to capture the moments of beauty on the trail?
 Walkmans also seem to be immune.
 The problem doesn't appear to be technology, but inviting the "other world" 
 onto the trail that is the root of the more extreme reaction phones and
 seem to elicit. >>

Good points. I still grate at the thought of cell phones, laptops, etc. on
the trail, but this makes it harder to defend just off the top of your head
without resorting to specific complaints. Thanks for some points to ponder.