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Re: Electronics on the AT >>

In a message dated 96-08-31 13:36:03 EDT, you write:

>I would greatly value your comments on what such suggested guidelines  
>might be, if at all, and your thoughts in general about the positive and
>negative effects electronics can have on the AT hiking experience

Dan, while I love to use computers, and use mine mostly for communications
and info about backpacking, I personally wouldn't take one on the AT.  Nor
would I take a cell phone or GPS.  I really think electronics are out of
place there, and I know some people will say it's no different than using
other high tech gear.  I would be upset to hear a phone ringing at a shelter,
but I've been raised to live and let live so I would probably not say
anything.  What other people want to do is their own concern, and I couldn't
stop them if I wanted to.  There is enough encroachment of civilization into
the wilderness - we can't do anything about the high voltage wires we have to
look at and hike around, nor the pollution and haze which obscures our view,
nor the trash which many people leave in the streams, shelters and walkways.
 But phones ringing and beepers beeping, and from people who really do love
the wilderness?  I can't quite reconcile it.  This is my humble opinion for
what it's worth.