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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Thoughts on blisters

Dr. Doolittle wrote:

>At 11:51 PM 8/28/96 -0500
>Peter H. Fornof wrote about "Compede" . What is and where do I get? Dr 

Compede is a blister patch that is slick like duct tape, but is specifically 
designed for blisters, unlike duct tape. I've used moleskin, second skin, 
Dr. Scholl's, you name it for blisters over the years, and I have found that 
Compede works best for me. I like second skin, but it wears off too fast. 
Moleskin is okay, but again, it comes off. I can't remember where I read 
about this stuff, but I ordered it first from REI. I asked my local 
Walgreen's about it and they hadn't heard about it. About 3 months later, 
while waiting for a presciption there, I noticed that they had it. I would 
suggest you ask your local drug store to order it or call REI. 

Peter H. Fornof