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Greetings, Trail Name List

Hi, my name is Dan Wingfoot and I'm new to the list (and the internet).
Thanks, Ryan, for
making this mailing list available to the AT community. It's a great
As for the Trail Name List, I've been putting one together for the past
five years (it now has about 5,000+ names) and using it to help people
locate the real name of someone they met on the AT and knew only by Trail
name. I plan to incorporate this list as one of the features of a new page
that the Center for Appalachian Trail Studies will be introducing sometime
around November 1st, with luck.

If anyone wants to be listed in the Center list, you can, for the time
being, e-mail your name, Trail name, address, city, state, Zip Code, year
of hike, and a brief explanation of the way you got your Trail name and
its meaning (if you feel an explanation is necessary).

When it appears as part of our page for thru-hikers, there will be an
explanation that the list should not be considered "official" and should
in no way prohibit someone from selecting the Trail name of their choice.
On the Trail each year, shelter registers can do the same thing and seem
not to have made much of a difference either way.

Again, thanks to Ryan, and 'howdy" to all of you good AT folks.

Wingfoot dbruce@madison.main.nc.us