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Freestanding tent or not?

Hello Pete -

You said:

>...I know a tarp is a purist thing...

I always thought of it as a "lazy thing" ...<g>

>What do you do about no-see-ums, mosquitoes, black flies, chiggers, nasty
>spiders, scorpians, and other creeping annoyances when a tarp is your only

We scratch a lot!  Actually, we never had any problems.  We carried
mosquito nets (old army net cut in half) on the AT and we learned to
quickly rig them with a few bits of string (under the tarp or in a
shelter).  We didn't bother with the big nets on the PCT...the nights were
always cool enough to mummy up and use a head net when the bugs were bad
(Oregon).  Most of the time we didn't even bother to put up the trail tarp
on the PCT.

The only problem that I ever had with critters when sleeping under a trail
tarp was with skunks and mini-bears (and a bear in Yosemite, but that's
another story...<g>).  They tend to wander all over you while you sleep and
I have wakened more than once to find a mouse nibbling last night's dinner
from my beard...

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al