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Re: [AT-L] Thoughts on blisters

I'm sure there will be thousands of postings but I'll get mine in now!!

if the blisters are facing up/out, sometimes you can use the heel of the 
pocketknife or other blunt instrument to rub back and forth, pushing out, 
and get rif of the offending chafing point.  Also, duct tape reduces 
friction (among its many other uses).

Of course there are the old standbys - moleskin and molefoam
but a more popular item is Spenco Second Skin, originally meant for burns 
(and blisters are a type of burn, I'm told).  it is a little gell pack 
that cools and sooths, and reduces the friction of rubbing.  It feels 
just *wonderful* on blisters.

You can accomplish much the same thing in a pinch by using some neosporin 
or other antibacterial cream (or even Vaseline) under a band-aid.

I'm also told that if you can natural wool (right of the sheep, sometimes 
sold in bags in drug stores), and wrap it around the blistered part, it 
will cushon and reduce friction, and the natural oils in the wool 
(lanolin maybe?) will help.

Tinture of Benzoin (sp?) also is used to toughen the skin and avoid the 
problem (if you know where it usually occurs)

here comes the free for all...

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