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Re: [AT-L] REI Nitelite or solo-lite

> >Has anyone ever used either the REI nitlite or sololite tent? If so whatcomments good or bad do you have?

> Oh, I hear MOSS has a tent for 97 that is much like the tourlite and 
>the old MOSS solet. It is supposed to be about 4#, one person, not 
> Ralph Meeks

(good to see you finally posting, ralph)

I have a Moss Solet -- fantastic tent, I wonder why they never sold 
enough to keep it in production. It is listed at 3#2, is one man, with 
room for a pack and all your stuff inside.  It has a single straight arch 
going from fron to back.  Full-coverage fly over a net body.  There are a 
total of five stakes per side, so it holds up well in high winds.  (If 
this sounds good to anyone, call Moss and ask them to make it again...if 
enough folks ask for it, just maybe they will).