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Re: [AT-L] REI Nitelite or solo-lite

At 01:00 AM 8/28/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Has anyone ever used either the REI nitlite or sololite tent? If so what 
>comments good or bad do you have?

Dwayne, have not used either but have been using the REI tourlite this
summer and giving my MOSS outland a rest. The tourlite is 4.5# with good
headroom, interior room and it has TWO doors which is great for two people.
It is a one man tent but will handle two comfortably - I'm 5'8 wife is 5'6.
Down side is it has no vestible and I question its durability - but then it
is 89.95 on sale non member price 120.00 ( I do not think it is worth
120.00) I do like it and have had fun with it this summer. Not freestanding.
Oh, I hear MOSS has a tent for 97 that is much like the tourlite and the old
MOSS solet. It is supposed to be about 4#, one person, not freestanding.
250.00 more or less.
Ralph Meeks
wb4ejj going to Shelby