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Re: [AT-L] First time overnite ....

>on the AT.....Would like information on a good  4-5 day route on the
>Virginia AT......would like to have a couple places to stop along the
>way to refresh food supply etc....are there water supplies along the
>way.....etc....any tips/information would be appreciated....planning for
>the week of Sept 22-28....

The Shenandoahs are a good place to head. Ummm, i guess if you want to
refuel about halfway, you could plan your AT hike so that your halfway
point is near Elkwallow Gap (a small grocery/hamburger/gas station stop) or
one of the bigger campsites like Lewis Campground or Skyland. Note that
these places are a bit touristy, but if you are going late in September,
running into people won't happen as often as it would say in mid-July.

>recommendations/advice re:  packs would be appreciated too!!!!

Ummm, one that fits! I am among the few who actually prefer an external
frame because i like to stick all the big stuff on the outside of my pack.
Its a Kelty Yukon - actually made for smaller women and boy scouts! But you
may not like the feel. Go to an outdoor store like REI and try a bunch on,
load them up with weights. Walk around the store. See what fits, see what
you like. :)

>also,  are dogs allowed on the trail? heard there may be some
>restrictions for dogs on parts of the AT .....thanks !!!!  (hi Ron)

I believe there are only a few trails in the Shenandoah are restricted from
dogs (or cats!). I don't think the AT is among the list, but I can check.
In other words, Fido should be cool.

Happy trails!

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