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Re: [AT-L] re: i just joined, my questions

Alan -

There's only one thing I'd take exception to - if you're a "geezer", I ought
to be in a wheelchair.   And I'm not ready for that.

Otherwise - I'll agree with you 100%.

Walk softly,

>other reasons) and, in my early 40's now, am as active as I have ever been.

>  I was your age when I was doing my big hikes and let me tell you: nothing in
>life sticks like a thru-hike.  Tell your husband he can always go climbing, but
>when he gets to be a geezer like me, the mileage he (and you, of course) get
>from having done something unique (and it is still very special and unique)
>will fill his cup on one of those "empty" cup days that life seems to have
>plenty of.  I am sure that other thru-hikers will testify to this.
>Alan Julliard