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Re: [AT-L] Tents

Jason -

While I know people who have used the Meteor Light for a
thruhike (and some who used even heavier tents) - personal
opinion is that I won't carry more than 4 pounds of tent for
2 of us.     There are people who disagree with that - and I
may have to change my criteria for our next long trail, but
that's our present philosophy (and practice).

Walk softly,

>Hello everyone,
>I am sure this is more for rec.backcountry or the like but I just wanted
>to know what kind of tents people took or are taking on their
>thru-hikes.  My wife and I am planning a thru-hike next summer and are
>looking at various tents.  We have kind of settled on the Sierra Designs
>Meteor Light.  At 5lbs. 13ozs. (I think) it seems to offer the most space
>for the least amount of money.  And it has a decent vestibule.  Any
>thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks,