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Re: [AT-L] Tents

on the subject of tents ...

I recently changed tents.  I wanted either the walrus arch-rival, or the
swift.  I couldn't decide which one without first seeing them side by
side. The difference being size & weight.
So, I ordered both from REI with the intent of mailing back the one I
did not like.  However, I like them both!  The Arch is twice the size,
but, the swift is a pound lighter.  The swift is livable but would be
extremely close with two people (i'm a solo).  The vestibule on the Arch
is huge.  For me, each one would serve a distinct purpose.  If I'm with
a group and we share the tent, I would want to arch.  If i'm hiking
alone, it becomes a choice of convienence.

I'm going to the Smokies this weekend.  I decided to take the swift. If
you're interested, I'll let you know how it went.  If your not, I might
let you know anyway; I'm thinking about publishing my log from the
hike.  I guess there will be a few of those next week.

btw ... I finally weighed my old dome tent the other day.  10 pounds!! 
Not much of a choice here ... 10# vs. 3.5# !!! I'm looking forward to
hiking with a lighter load.



Tom Fort