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Re: [AT-L] N Departure Dates

In a message dated 96-08-20 13:12:59 EDT, you write:

<< How does leaving say, March 1, compare with
 leaving later, say in mid-April or early May? >>

>The north Georgia weather varies greatly from year to year. In 1988, when we
started on March 2, the weather that day was 70 degrees and sunny. Our worst
weather would not come until April 6 with a foot of snow and wind gusts in
excess of 100 mph in the Roan Highlands area of Tennessee. Of course, we
would not have been in that snow and those gusts unless we had started on
that sunny March day.
We didn't see our first other thru-hiker until April 7. But times were
different then and I think that a March 2 start date would result in more

The early start date did give us a mental edge in the early days when our
mileage was low, that there was ample time to reach Katahdin, which we did on
September 1. If starting a southbound hike again, I would think March 1 to
March 15 and count on some snow and cold temps in exchange for a long hiking
season ahead.

-Frank and Victoria