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Re: Boots to last for women

Thanks to all the responses about boots. And sorry about the Ge instead 
of Ga for Ga to Me. . . end of the semester finals have eaten away my brain.

  I guess I will just have to suck up the cost of a couple of pairs of boots.  
One more question about that though, I have heard a couple of stories 
about boots being recieved at mail drops not fitting due to changes in 
ones feet from hiking with a loaded back for extended periods of time.  
Has this been a problem for any of you, and if so, any ideas on how to 
avoid or get around it?

  Also, I was just reading the comments on food dehydrators. ..  what 
kind of price range do they tend to come under?

  Thanks a ton!
       Marjolein Ga --->Me '97