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Re: Boots to last for women


        My girlfriend has been very happy with a pair of Scarpas (made by       
        Fabiano). They are similar to the Sundowner, but I think that they are  
        slightly lighter in wieght. All leather, vibram sole. She has only      
        logged a little over 100 miles of day hikes in them, but they still look
        like new.  

        Steve & Crosby
        AT  GA --> ME '97

  I am planning a thru hike for '97 and am in a quandry about boots.  I 
started out trying on evrything in sight, but soon became very 
disappointed.  In Ithaca Ny, my home town there are only about 4 models 
of boots for women, and everyone told me a different story about how long 
they will last.  I would ideally like a boot that will last the entire 
AT.  I almost don't care if it falls off of my foot the moment I reach 
the very end of the trail, but if something exists that fits me that 
would last longer, I would like that.
  I know the dangers of just getting a brand that people says work for 
them, and I have been thoroughly convinced that I need to try anything on 
and make sure it fits my feet, but I need help narrowing down the boots 
which I should try.  SO
  I am interested in the name of any women's boot that has made it the 
whole way, and in particular I would like some comments about the Vasque 
sundowner and some Asolo boots (as those are readily available to me in 
                    marjolein Schat 
                     Ge -------------> Me '97