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Just a bit of clarification.......I am *not* for making the trails wider by
going around the mudholes, but for plowing through them when it is feasible.
 As Jim Owens says, sometimes they just can't be gone through, and in that
case I follow the outside of the puddle as close as I can without falling in.
I am *not* the least bit concerned about my boots getting muddy or wet,  it
just seems like some people must be or the trail wouldn't get so darn
wide!!!!  My other pet peeve are people who short cut the switchbacks and
help the erosion process to accelerate.  Often I stop and throw brush on
these shortcuts just to deter people from taking them.  I guess perhaps I
shouldn't have "peeves" while on the trail, but I just love the outdoors and
the trail and don't want to see it torn up.  :-) 
And yes, I don't like my Vasque Clarions!  I now have two pairs of boots that
aren't worn out that I don't like.  Should I go for a third pair? I probably
shouldn't be doing it, but I spray the heck out of the boots everytime I go
out with waterproofer..I figure it sure can't hurt them too much..if it does,
I can buy a new pair! ;-)

IL Fltlndr@aol.com