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Re: Long Trail Info/Sierra Club Trips

>     Thanks for the info of the Long Trail, Mike & Tellydude. 
>     Good timing. I have been thinking that doing a fairly good section of 
>     the Long Trail this summer/fall would be a good shake-down for a AT 
>     Thru Hike next year. I have always wanted to explore the LT. Any 
>     suggestions on a good 10-14 day stretch? Also, are there any places on 
>     the LT that do not allow dogs, or that it would be advisable not to 
>     have a dog? How long does the whole thing take?
The LT for mortals would take about 4 weeks +/- a few days. The whole trail
is dog friendly (though it would be real tough for a small pooch), though I
know of one stretch on Mt. Mansfield you would have to use the bypass
because of various ladder climbs.

I would recommend you hike the middle section.  If your going to do the AT,
you'll hike the southern third of the LT.  Besides the most beatiful
sections, IMHO, is the middle sections. I would start at the Linclon Gap and
go as far north as you have time for.