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Re:How long...

  Now my question is what is the average time to hike
>15-20 miles.

Marty's right- the average hiking pace for the average person is about
2 miles/hour- you hike your own hike, of course, but everybody usually
ends up close to that.  If you're a young-in like me or you're pushing
it, you can go 3 or even 4 miles/hour (not up a hill, though! :-) 
Higher than that and you have to be jogging.  15-20 miles a day is
possible in the middle of a thru-hike, but don't plan on starting out
at more than 10.  Breaks lengthen the day, of course, but me likes
breaks, food breaks, hmmmmm... :-)
Just my .02 cents-