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Long Trail Info/Sierra Club Trips

     Thanks for the info of the Long Trail, Mike & Tellydude. 
     Good timing. I have been thinking that doing a fairly good section of 
     the Long Trail this summer/fall would be a good shake-down for a AT 
     Thru Hike next year. I have always wanted to explore the LT. Any 
     suggestions on a good 10-14 day stretch? Also, are there any places on 
     the LT that do not allow dogs, or that it would be advisable not to 
     have a dog? How long does the whole thing take?
     On another note, has anyone done any of the backpacking trips 
     sponsored by the Sierra Club? They have a couple of great ones set up 
     for this summer, and one in the Virgin Islands in December...but I 
     have always been skeptical of big group trips. Any thoughts? 
     [check out the Sierra Club home page at http://www.sierraclub.org/]
     Steve & Crosby
     AT GA --> ME, '97

>The GMC is not on-line yet, so no e-mail.  If there is a mailing list let me 
>If you have any questions on the LT, fire away. As a Vermonter and frequent 
>LT hiker I may be able to help.
While the GMC parent organization is not yet online, the CT chapter of the 
GMC is.  Their URL is <http://pages.prodigy.com/afreeman/ctgmc.htm>.  The 
site does include a small section on the parent club.
The address and phone number for the parent organization is:
     The Green Mountain Club, Inc.
     Route 100
     RR1, Box 650
     Waterbury Center VT 05677
     (802) 244-7037
Michael Fedor           <mfedor@cris.com> 
State Highpointers, CT Highpoint, NE USA 111ers & Highpoint Lists