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Re: Packs

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, E. George Oeser wrote:

> I certainly hope that the Bora 70 is big enough, as that is what I am 
> taking. I guess I will get some idea as to wether or not it is starting 
> tomorrow as I will be doing a section hike from Spivey Gap to Hot springs. 
> My pack is packed and it looks as though it will hold everything, I am a bit 
> dissapointed in the weight however as it weighs 43lbs with my food and 
> water. Mind you I am taking enough food for a fuul week as I am not the 
> fastest hiker in the world, but I was hoping to keep it lower than this. Oh 
> well, maybe I will learn a few things while I am out there and be able to 
> reduce the weight when I do my thru-hike next year.

43 lbs. not to bad. My pack weighs that much for a 2 day outing. Guess I 
don't really need that cast iron pan, huh?