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Re: your mail

>   Were the "water holes" on S.Kaibab ripe yet.??? (read "water holes" as
>mule dumps)... On Memorial day in "84", it was warm enough to really ripen
>the trail...
>   From what I read you did the loop in one day.??? We stayed overnite at
>Bright Angel C.G. near Phantom Ranch, spent time in the creek cooling off...
>That was the year I learned that the Colo. River is not the place to cool
>off (macho me dove in, a half a nano sec later I was out --- darn cold)...
>   Appears you had good weather,,, ready to do it again.???

Dick -

I should apologize - that message wasn't supposed to be for public
consumption.  I had two copies of Chip's message - one private and one on
the list and when I answered, I didn't pay attention to the outgoing address.

Anyway - yeah, one day.  And the water holes were just beginning to ripen.
It was beautiful, spectacular, awesome - and the weather was just right
(sunny, mid 70's).  But I don't recommend doing the whole loop in one
day - the last half mile was a  blur.   It makes a long tough day.

And having been back at work for a week,  I AM ready to go back.

Have a good day,