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Re: your mail

Ohhh very long day. At least when you get to Phantom ranch 
you can get a snack, very good ham and cheese sandwiches
and the lemon aid is great, and you don't have to have
a reservation for snacks. Of course you have to call
someone from the phone at the ranger station near
the Colorado I think thats a law or something. And
if you are running late, after dinner the dining
hall becomes the beer hall, which is a great gathering
place for hikers, rangers and anyone else near. And
of course you will want to pick up a tee shirt, Phantom
Ranch has special ones only available there. If you
can't get a reservation for lodging at Phantom Ranch
maybe you could get one for Bright Angel campground,
and then get reservations for meals at Phantom Ranch.
You don't have to stay at the Ranch to get meals there
but you do have to have a reservation for the meals and
they must be made two days in advance from the info
desk at Bright Angel lodge on the rim, and don't be
late, they serve people with the steak dinners first
and then the stew . Darn good stew , and plenty of it,
 some of the best chocolate cake I have ever had,
served with all the lemon aid, coffee or tea you could
drink, pricey but after wondering around in the canyon
for a few days worth it. I don't know if the mules
that have to pack all that in would agree with me or

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
GA to ME 97