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Re: your mail

At 04:44 PM 4/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>    I hope you got to eat at Phantom Ranch for me....I lost $45 on a
>>meal, cause the govt shutdown....I envy you! Thanks for the advice on the
>>job issue, I decided that a job can wait...hell, it's my happiness that's
>>more important....take care. Hopefully our paths will cross...chip
>>Chip Steele                   wlsteele@indiana.edu
>Chip -
>We couldn't get reservations at Phantom Ranch so we stayed at Bright
>Angel Lodge on Thursday and did the South Kaibab - Bright Angel loop last
>Friday - LONG day, but worth every bit of pain.
>As for advice - remember, it's worth what you pay for it and the payment
>isn't usually in cash.   I think you'll be happy with your decision - but
>only you can be sure about that.
>Walk softly,

   Were the "water holes" on S.Kaibab ripe yet.??? (read "water holes" as
mule dumps)... On Memorial day in "84", it was warm enough to really ripen
the trail...

   From what I read you did the loop in one day.??? We stayed overnite at
Bright Angel C.G. near Phantom Ranch, spent time in the creek cooling off...
That was the year I learned that the Colo. River is not the place to cool
off (macho me dove in, a half a nano sec later I was out --- darn cold)...

   Appears you had good weather,,, ready to do it again.???

 take care,

 "WIXeR"  aka   Dick Wix
      AT-94  GA->ME
       Rochester, MN.