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Re: Need Advice/help

>I was under the impression that most
>(all?) boot makers would replace a pair of boots worn out on a thru-hike for
>free.  I've had a couple of thru-hikers tell me this, including cases where
>boots were shipped overnight to waiting hikers.  It seems that the makers
>don't want any bad publicity among a group that tests boots thoroughly and
>tells others what they find.  Maybe this is no longer the case; I'd be
>interested in what others have experienced.
>Bob Shroy

 Within the first three hundred miles of my s'bound thruhike the soles of
my Merrell Wilderness boots fell off partway. I called Merrell, and to my
relief, they immediately refunded my money. I bought a pair of Limmers off
the shelf and they lasted the rest of the way...

                                     *Spiderman* '88