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Gutsy Progress Report

Gutsy made Damascus today. She hiked 3 20+ miles to get there and is staying 
at "The Place". Said the weather has been cold, especially at Roan Mtn, 
where it was 20 degrees with 25 mph winds. Trail was ice. Had a little 
coincidence in that she hiked off of Roan Mtn. with Wanchor, a thru hiker 
finishing up his thru hike on Roan. It is a coincidence as Joan Norris, a 
recent addition to this list is a good friend of his. She told me the other 
night that he thought that he had hiked with Gutsy, but wasn't sure. Small 
world, huh?

Gutsy did catch up with Download and Nexmo at Damascus. When Download ran 
into her, he called her "Wrong-Way Johnson" like I suggested for her fiasco 
at Stecoah Gap. Gail wasn't happy. Oh well. It's sort of nice being in on 
trail talk sitting here in Illinois. With the Kushman's updates and Gutsy's, 
it's almost as good as being on the trail; NOT! Wish I were hiking.

Pete Fornof