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Air Pollution Impacts to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (fwd)

This message is directed towards those of you who may be members of Trail 
Clubs in the vicinity of the Smokies.    If your club is interested in 
helping out with any stream monitoring, please contact Dr. Nodvin directly.


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Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 01:41:22 -0400
From: Dr. Stephen C. Nodvin <nodvin@utk.edu>
To: Kathy Bilton <kathy@bigdog.fred.net>
Subject: Re: Air Pollution Impacts to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Being an ecologist, I tend to focus on environmental impacts to plants and

However, as I indicated to you earlier, our studies indicate that some
stream waters in the Great Smokies have nitrate levels approaching public
health drinking water standards. 

We have not focused on streams and springs that might be used as drinking
waters by hikers on trails in the Great Smokies and elsewhere in the
Southern Appalachians. 

Would your group be interested in helping us collect samples to
specifically address this question. By contacting members of the Sierra
Club, the Appalachian Trail Club, The Nature Conservancy, and other
interested groups, I think we could put a team together to address this

We would work with the groups to identify the needed collection sites and
would train persons collecting samples near the trails on proper
collection and handling techniques. 

Please let me know if your group would be interested.

You may contact me at my office (423)974-2721 or at my home (423_539-2069.


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