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I realize this only applies to a small percentage of y'all out there,
but I'm risking the flame-mail for posting to the list (I live on the
edge, what can I say?)

Those of us who live in/near Boston have formed our own little at-l
list, and have planned our first get-together to meet each other
tomorrow night.  I suspect lots of plans will be made for spring hikes,
not to mention meeting some really cool people.  :)

7 pm -- The Black Rose is the time & place.  We will be upstairs and will
all be wearing polartec pullovers (you will too!).  The Black Rose is a small
restuarant/pub in Quincy Market, on the end of the Market closest to the
North End.  If you're under 21, no worries, they don't card until after
9 pm.  Hope to see some of you there. 

Questions?  Reply privately to:  MrSapp@aol.com or jesawyer@lynx.neu.edu