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Re: more dehydrating questions...

In a message dated 96-04-26 16:34:42 EDT, you write:

>has anyone tried presoaking or cooking and then dehydrating lentils
>or beans?  how much time does this cut down on for cooking.  i have put
>together a great backcountry chili recipe (one of my few successes) but the
>lentils take at least 20 minutes to cook up.  bad.  any suggestions?

I dehydrated black beans for a trip last weekend. I cooked them as usual and
just dried them in the dehydrator. I have a very cheap one from Waring, it
took about 8 or 10 hours to dry them. Drying time varies with the humidity as
well as the dehydrator. They were wonderful rehydrated with some vegetables,
seasoned and rolled into a tortilla with some cheese. Gourmet food after a
day on the trail. They sure do look disgusting when dehydrated though.