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more dehydrating questions...

i've been screwing around with some backcountry recipes to save myself of
eating ziplock bag after ziplock bag of Gross Surprise.  couple of questions:
 those of you who have dehydrators, how long does it take to dehydrate your
average pieces of vegetable. i've been using my oven (till i splurge on the
fancy machine) and it takes, like, 2 hours (ugh).  is the dehydrator faster?
 i'm assuming it is and if not i'll stick to the big avocado beast in my
kitchen (apartments built in the 60s have truly tasteful decor).
second, has anyone tried presoaking or cooking and then dehydrating lentils
or beans?  how much time does this cut down on for cooking.  i have put
together a great backcountry chili recipe (one of my few successes) but the
lentils take at least 20 minutes to cook up.  bad.  any suggestions?
finally, is it really worth screwing around with all the prepared food that's
out there?  i know we're fortunate here in ny to be graced by the most
awesome grocery store in the universe - wegmans (and after suffering in
florida with piggly wiggly's and publix, you can bet there is a heightened
sense of appreciation) who carries everything under the sun...i'm wondering
if there is a significant cost savings in the DIY preparations compared to
buying a case of your favorite powdered wonders.
anyone who has experience with this stuff...drop me a line.  i'm running out
of recipes to try and i thought i'd ask these questions before making another
pot full of trail paste.