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Re: your mail

>    I hope you got to eat at Phantom Ranch for me....I lost $45 on a
>meal, cause the govt shutdown....I envy you! Thanks for the advice on the
>job issue, I decided that a job can wait...hell, it's my happiness that's
>more important....take care. Hopefully our paths will cross...chip
>Chip Steele                   wlsteele@indiana.edu
>fax:  (812)331-0472           Indiana University

Chip -

We couldn't get reservations at Phantom Ranch so we stayed at Bright
Angel Lodge on Thursday and did the South Kaibab - Bright Angel loop last
Friday - LONG day, but worth every bit of pain.

As for advice - remember, it's worth what you pay for it and the payment
isn't usually in cash.   I think you'll be happy with your decision - but
only you can be sure about that.

Walk softly,