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  I think that choosing to do the AT north to south is a great decision. I
did the trail in 1988 and started in Maine in late June. I walked with a
friend who finished with me after Christmas. We took our time, enjoyed the
scenery and met the northbounders on their way to Katahdin. You'll
definitely get solitude. Outside of the few other s'bounders we met and
shared time with there were very few people goin' our way. So, for the most
part, we had the trail to ourselves. Admittedly, I wonder what it would
have been like to be among the hordes starting in Georgia, to "walk with
spring", and to finish on Mt. Katahdin. If I do another thru-hike it may be
a northbound one. My wife has expressed an interest in accompanying should
I decide to do it. It was a great six months.
  I'd be happy to share more details of my trip with you via e-mail. I
chose to answer your letter in this forum since I had yet to introduce
myself to others on this mailing list.

                                 yours truly,
                                 J. Michael Battig
                  *Spiderman* (of the Arachnids) AT class of 88

     J. Michael Battig & Belinda Heaton & Mango (the Wonder Dog)