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Hey everybody,
	I just wanted to thank everybody for replying to my trail
maintenance post.  I ended up going with a group from my school(Georgia
Tech) and volunteering with GATC.  We did a section called Cooper's Gap. 
It was my first time on the AT, and I thought it was beautiful.  In the
morning it was foggy and I couldn't see more than 200 ft.  But as I was
eating my lunch, I looked down to take a bite of my sandwich and looked
back up and the fog was gone!  Unfortuantely the view showed much of the
damage of Hurricane Opal.  Huge trees were uprooted.  It was still an
amazing site, and I was so glad I went.  My trip leader was so smart.  She
taught us all about waterbars and how to maintain the trail.  I plan to
try and go next month too.
	I also had a question about stoves.  I was thinking of taking a
trip this summer from Springer to Fontana Dam(NC).  I wanted to take a
Camping Gaz Turbo Bluet 270 stove and I was wondering if the propane cans
are available along the trail.  If anyone had any experiences with this or
anything else along the section, I would appreciate the replies.  Thanks alot.

James Bigler                      email: gt8054b@prism.gatech.edu
Georgia Tech Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Cooperative Student
"Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining"-- I Forget