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Hello - I'm new! (re:beans)

I'm new on this list and have been lurking for a few days.  I'm not going to
be or probably ever will be a thru-hiker on the AT but am looking to take my
family (husband, two kids ages 10 and 12) on a portion of the AT for their
first backpacking experience this summer.  I expect we'll just be going for 1
to 3 nights.  

My backpacking experience has been limited to short lengths of time but I
have done canoe packing and bike packing for a week at a time.  And oh....
it's been a *while* since I've done these things:-(    I'm in my 40's and
have been raising two kids for the last 10 years or so in addition to many
other things  (I'm also a musician, private teacher, G.S. leader,

In any case, I guess I'm hear to see what goes on in the backpacking world
these days and to learn about the AT.  I did a backpacking overnighter on the
AT about 6 years ago with a close friend in Atlanta but that's the extent of
my experience.  We are returning to visit my friend during the Olympics and
are going to take part in some of that craziness but want to balance it out
with a quiet retreat in the Georgia mountains.

Oh... just a quick thought about beans on the trail.  BEAN-O,  a product on
the market, takes the "music" out of this "musical fruit and comes in this
teensy, tiny glass bottle.  You only use a drop or two at a time per meal.
 What do ya' all think?

Mary G.