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Dog hikers' list

Someone recently posted with a dog hiking question; I don't recall whom.  I
just recently found about a dog hikers' list that seems to have some
knowledgeable folks on it.  The info is as follows:
>>Dog-hike is an email list for discussion about hiking and backpacking with
>>dogs.  Messages about hiking experiences, tips, problems etc. are all welcome.
>>Postings asking about, or providing information on, trails in specific areas
>>are also welcome.
>>To subscribe to dog-hike, send an email message to
>><majordomo@cs.washington.edu> with
>>        subscribe dog-hike
>>in the body of the message.  If you have any problems with your subscription,
>>send email to the list maintainer, Terri Watson <elf@cs.washington.edu>.

Hope this is helpful
Jim Greenway