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Re: Help with 40 mile hike.

> My name is Skip Joslin and I am a freshman at the University of the South
>in Sewanee, TN. My friend and I are planning on doing a 40 mile section of
>the AT along the NC/TN border (from Davenport Gap to Hot Springs) for
>around 5 or 6 days in May. We are both novice hikers, but determined and in
>great shape, and this is our first time on the AT.
>        I just subscribed to the AT mailing list   I guess there are
>several things I would appreciate help with:
>1) How much and what kinds of food should I bring?

This depends on how much u can carry and how much you eat.  I bring one
dehydrated meal  a night plus oatmeal for b'fast and a snack for lunch

>2) Can we in the evening walk off the trail and find a place to camp for
>the night?  Is this safe?  We were hoping we would not have to stay in the
>shelters the whole time.

haven't done this section yet, but, the smokies are safe ...

>3) Does anyone have any information on shuttle drivers that we could find
>to take our car from Davenport Gap to Hotsprings?  We are hoping to pick
>him/her up in Hot Springs if this an option.

Try :

Mountain Mama's 
(John & Carolyn Thigpen)

They are real good people.

>4) Can we hike this section in 4 or 5 days without becoming exhausted?

Depends on terrain.  However, 6-8 miles/day is good for beginners

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