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Tincture of iodine

Dave DeCroix said:>> I was thinking about using tincture of iodine that's in
my first aid
>> kit as an emergency backup for water purification. ...
>> Dave DeCroix
>> decroix@brunt.meas.ncsu.edu
>> Ga->Me '98 Hopeful

I'd check with a pharmacist about this. I just sat through one of Dr.
William Forgey's wilderness first aid classes.  He's written a potfull of
wilderness first aid books.  He's not cool on medical use of tincture of
iodine outdoors anyway. He says this damages as much healthy tissue or more
than the bugs do.  He recommends the povidone iodine soap or wipes which
aren't damaging to live tissue.  Moreover, I don't think the tincture is for
internal consumption anyway.
Jim G.